The organization was created by Andy Holland in 2015. I was thinking about doing a similar thing so I decided to contribute and started working on a couple of gems under this organization. The projects aim to be a modern take on solving common problems. Libraries are small and simple to understand with a great focus on reusability.

My main contributions include:

  • dry-types – a flexible “type system” for Ruby projects. Currently it’s the foundation for other libraries, like rom-rb, dry-validation, hanami or reform
  • dry-struct – a virtus-like attributes API for POROs
  • dry-validation – data validation based on predicate logic with composable rules
  • dry-logic – composable rule objects
  • dry-system – a modern way of organizing Ruby applications using dependency injection as the architectural foundation
  • dry-auto_inject – container-agnostic auto-injection abstraction
  • dry-events – a simple pub/sub solution

Make sure to check out our official website!

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