Ditch Your ORM

I’ve been promoting a functional approach in Ruby for a while now and even though it includes many different techniques and patterns, there’s this one idea, one fundamental idea that changes everything - immutability. But what does it even mean in Ruby? To freeze everything? That would be too slow, so no. Immutability-oriented design means... Continue Reading →

Importing Data With ROM and Transproc

Importing data into a database can be a complicated task. This process can be quite painful as you need to deal with data transformation, filling in missing information, specifying validation rules, handling errors and so on. Without proper tools to solve this problem it can become more complicated than it should be. In my current... Continue Reading →

New Transproc Released

Transproc is a small library I wrote a couple of months back. It’s been growing nicely and yesterday its 0.3.0 version was released which redefined how it works and what it really is. I’m exicited about this project as it’s been used in ROM to implement its Mapper component and turned out to be very... Continue Reading →

Ruby Object Mapper Reboot

Rewrite is done. You can read more about it here. I’d like to let you know that after a couple years of work and a lot of thinking I decided to “reboot” ROM project. This decision was not easy and it has a lot of implications but it’s going to be awesome. Here’s why. New... Continue Reading →

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