Ruby Object Mapper Reboot

Rewrite is done. You can read more about it here. I’d like to let you know that after a couple years of work and a lot of thinking I decided to “reboot” ROM project. This decision was not easy and it has a lot of implications but it’s going to be awesome. Here’s why. New... Continue Reading →

Help Us Build ROM

Many people have been asking me how they can help us build ROM. This was the hardest question I’ve heard next to “when will it be ready?”. My usual reply was suggesting to join our IRC channel and talk but it really isn’t a good answer as it’s difficult and time consuming to talk about... Continue Reading →

Taking a Break From OSS

Last two years have been pretty intensive for me. I became a husband, a father, a co-founder of Powow and during that time I tried to contribute as much as I could to OSS. I was mostly focused on Virtus and Ruby Object Mapper which consumed a lot of my time and energy. I thought... Continue Reading →

Custom RSpec-2 Matchers

RSpec is one of my favorite tools. I have literally fallen in love with this fantastic BDD library, especially with its second version. While using RSpec I realized it teaches me how to write tests. Yes, exactly - learning RSpec DSL, its syntax and structure of spec examples you actually learn the best practices in... Continue Reading →

Rack Middleware Contest

CodeRack is a coding contest dreamed up by a group of the Ruby programmers at Lunar Logic Polska who were excited about the possibilities of Rack middleware. The team wants to encourage Ruby developers to explore the possibilities and what better way than to hold a contest? The secondary goal of the contest is to... Continue Reading →

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