Importing Data With ROM and Transproc

Importing data into a database can be a complicated task. This process can be quite painful as you need to deal with data transformation, filling in missing information, specifying validation rules, handling errors and so on. Without proper tools to solve this problem it can become more complicated than it should be. In my current... Continue Reading →

New Transproc Released

Transproc is a small library I wrote a couple of months back. It’s been growing nicely and yesterday its 0.3.0 version was released which redefined how it works and what it really is. I’m exicited about this project as it’s been used in ROM to implement its Mapper component and turned out to be very... Continue Reading →

Help Us Build ROM

Many people have been asking me how they can help us build ROM. This was the hardest question I’ve heard next to “when will it be ready?”. My usual reply was suggesting to join our IRC channel and talk but it really isn’t a good answer as it’s difficult and time consuming to talk about... Continue Reading →

A Closer Look at How Ruby Object Mapper Works

Last Friday we finally released the first version of Ruby Object Mapper. It’s a big step for the project as we’ve established foundation of the whole system. There are many missing features, crucial ones, like support for RDBMS, server-side generated keys or a full-blown Unit of Work but…we’ll be adding those in the upcoming future... Continue Reading →

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