Here’s a selection of some of my talks that I had the honor to present on 4 continents. If you’d like to see me giving a talk at your conference, just drop me a line.

Persistence Pays-off: a new look at rom-rb

RubyConf Australia, Melbourne 2017

rom-rb 4.0

RailsClub, Moscow 2017

Can We Still Innovate?

RubyConf Italy, Florence 2016

Blending Functional and OO Programming

Full Stack Fest, Barcelona 2015

Taking Inspiration From The Functional World

Lambda World, Cadiz 2015

Convenience vs Simplicity

RedDotRubyConf, Singapore 2014

Micro Libraries FTW

WrocLove.rb, Wroclaw 2014

Beyond the ORM

RuLu, Lyon 2012